Health Care & Retirees

Health Care & Retirees by TTHM

Bilingual Broadcasts Demystify Health Care

Teletownhall broadcasts can educate thousands of participants about health care and benefits in a single hour-long forum.

TTHM provides experienced staff familiar with common health care terminology. Our Screeners, Collectors and Moderators have processed thousands of questions, and collected a wide range of data for other health care providers across the US and Canada.

We also offer an optional Spanish Simulcast staff that allows incoming participants to choose a live Spanish translation of the main English forum as they join the teletownhall. Our Spanish Interpreters and Screeners are similarly familiar with common health care terminology translations.  TTHM offers more language options every year, so Contact Us with specific needs.

Increase Medicare Sales and Retention

Telephone Town Hall Meetings allow you to effectively transition from the traditional in-person Medicare sales meetings to a live virtual meeting that enables you to share key information, interact with attendees to answer direct questions, educate your audience on the features and benefits of a given plan, and most notably leads to higher member retention. 

Telephone Town Hall Meeting provides an economically efficient means to communicate with large targeted groups of your members, helping them to get the most from their health care benefits.  This method of outreach is especially effective for seniors who are on Medicare plans that might struggle to understand all their benefits.

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Educate Pensioners with Live Phone Forums

Pensioners often struggle with misinformation presented by the media and other entities. Hold a teletownhall to educate retirees on the complexities surrounding their benefits in a virtual environment. You can broadcast from your office while pensioners listen live from home, and the Telephone Town Hall Meeting staff manages the entire event virtually.

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