Association Outreach Empowered by TTHM

Teletownhalls empower our association clients with broad outreach that touches each individual participant. The Telephone Town Hall Meeting staff manages these live forums so that our clients can focus on updates, answers and advocacy.

Educate Pensioners with Live Phone Forums

Pensioners are struggling to get accurate information, and to understand complex issues surrounding their benefits. Hold a teletownhall to educate retirees in a virtual environment. You broadcast from your office, they listen live from home, and Telephone Town Hall Meeting staff manages the entire event.

Learn How Utility Coops use TTHM

Utility Cooperatives use our teletownhall technology to educate members about the benefits of coop membership. We can gather emails for ongoing outreach, run polls to find out more about members, and broadcast over both the phone and web.

Check out this brief video review of what we do for electric coops, and contact us for a free demo to learn more about this powerful technology.

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