App-Based Direct Connect

What is a Digital Wallet Pass?

A Digital Wallet Pass is an app-based direct communication tool.  It uses apps already installed on more than 266 million smartphones in the US to deliver dynamic content directly to pass subscribers.

Wallet Pass works on both iPhones & Android Phones.  Digital Wallet Passes are used by Fortune 500 companies to deliver critical content to passholders directly to user mobile phones.

TTHM sends a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Text to a targeted list of mobile phones inviting users to download the Wallet Pass for access to special benefits, exclusive notifications, and more from your organization.  We can use a simple SMS to ask mobile users to add your pass to their digital wallet, or leverage a more dynamic MMS text message.

How does Wallet Pass work?

  • Wallet Pass allows organizations to send real-time notifications to all passholders, or to a specified subset of passholders based on any field in the user database.
  • When a passholder clicks on a notification, they are taken directly to the Pass in their app. There, they can find invitations to in-person events, notifications about upcoming teletownhalls, critical information releases, requests to contribute to important causes and other calls to action as needed.
  • The Pass itself can contain text, images, links to actions/fundraising, or personal information (including name, ID, bar code, QR code, etc.) for each passholder.

Why is Wallet Pass so effective?

  • There are no spam filters or legal restrictions preventing you from delivering messages to your Wallet Pass subscribers. Message deliveries and notifications take place entirely within the app.
  • Currently, 266 million people in the U.S. have smart phones with a Wallet app already downloaded and accepting notifications by default. There is typically no need to download a new app to open this channel of communication, and the number of Wallet app users is growing by millions each year.
  • 70% of people who add a pass to their digital wallet keep the pass for 9 months or longer, so this direct line of communication is open for long periods of time.

Wallet Pass Setup

  • TTHM works with you to create a custom Wallet Pass using one of our templates.
  • We send a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Text to a targeted list of mobile phones inviting your members/supporters to download the Wallet Pass for access to special benefits.
  • Each recipient clicks on a custom link in the text to download the Wallet Pass and then clicks “Add to Wallet” to add the Pass to their Wallet app.
  • You can change content on the Pass at any time. These changes take effect instantly without the need for passholders to accept changes. In addition, any change to the Pass triggers the ability to send notifications to passholders.

Other Capabilities

  • Geo-fenced notifications can be automatically sent to passholders when they break a geo-fence at a rally, polling station or other location.
  • Integration with CRMs – track interactions using your existing database ID field.
  • TTHM can use targeted mobile phone data to find your audience via P2P Text.

Pricing Structure & Fees

  • Setup fee to create your custom Digital Wallet Pass.
  • Subsequent changes to the Wallet Pass incur a development charge.
  • Deployment costs to send P2P texts with invitations to download the Wallet Pass.
  • Monthly active passholder subscription fee.
  • Contact Us for a custom quote and to discuss app-based outreach.

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