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Online Ads Case Study

Digital Advertising on social media platforms adds one more venue for promoting a Teletownhall event. If your organization lacks the resources to create compelling digital ads as part of your mass-communications strategy, TTHM is happy to help.

Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising have become increasingly restrictive, but the power of those platforms has not changed. Digital Ads are the ideal way to promote your web registration page for an upcoming event, especially if your organization does not have a strong social media presence.

Digital Ads can increase your organization’s online presence by showcasing your positive activities and encouraging follows. Learn more about the benefits of online ads below, then Contact Us to get started on your digital outreach campaign.

Benefits of social media outreach and digital ads

  • More targeted audience reach: The ability to specify ad audience using custom demographics ensures that your ad is seen by the right people.
  • Low cost: Lower cost per person reached compared to other marketing mediums (print, radio, TV).
  • Clear indicators of success: Return on investment can easily be measured & tracked for evaluation.
  • More money equals more people reached: You pay per impression, which means every dollar spent guarantees more people will see you your ads.
  • Existing social media accounts benefit: Ads not only build awareness for an event, but also build awareness for your social media accounts and help increase page views, engagements and likes/followers.

Benefits of digital ads with TTHM

  • Direct process for participant sign-ups: Event sign-up sheets can be linked directly in ads, making it easier for your interested audience to take the next step and eliminating any potential roadblocks to connecting.
  • Fully managed: TTHM will manage process from ad creation to evaluation.
  • Customizable content: Advertising can be designed to fit specific brand standards or industry regulations.
  • Security: TTHM will never ask you to share your account passwords.
  • Flexible budgeting: Advertising costs can be adjusted to fit your goals.
  • Data Retention: You keep all participant information for future events.
  • Integrated campaigns: TTHM will integrate and time your digital ad campaigns to promote all aspects of your event, such as a Web Simulcast of your Teletownhall.

Online Ads Case Study

Campaign name: Miami-Dade TPO
Ad Spend: $885
Campaign length: 1 week
Strategies: Facebook & Instagram post boosting, Facebook & Instagram ads and Facebook event promotions

Event Results
Ads & posts seen by 27,668 people
Clicks on posts & ads: 288
Total engagements (includes likes, shares & reactions): 666
Average cost: $1.33 per engagement/click

Sample ads & posts

Social Media Increases
150% increase in organic (unpaid) post views, thanks to supplemental actions like post sharing and other posts engagements
Over 5,000% total increase in post and page impressions (views) during campaign compared to previous social media activity.

Post impressions for Miami-Dade TPO Facebook page (event advertising ran April 10-17)

Post engagements for Miami Dade TPO Facebook page (event advertising ran April 10-17)

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