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Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM) offers a suite of full-service mass-outreach tools to meet your communication goals.

TTHM builds bridges between our clients and their target audience.

Does your audience prefer to be reached by phone, text, mail or webinar? We do it all.

Does part of your audience need to be reached in their native language? TTHM can connect you.

Some of the Clients We Serve
Using targeted data and a highly experienced production team, we have provided mass-outreach services for the following client types (and more)…
From the TTHM Tech Blog
TTHM Featured Client: City of Dallas

TTHM Featured Client: City of Dallas

The City of Dallas ran its first TTHM teletownhalls in August of 2013. Since then, Dallas has grown its use of our virtual forum technology to include more residents each year. Dallas was our first client to insist on including a Spanish-language participation option for every single teletownhall forum.

STIR/SHAKEN is here… are you FCC compliant?

STIR/SHAKEN is here… are you FCC compliant?

STIR/SHAKEN requires that calls traveling through US phone networks have their Caller ID number “signed” as legitimate by originating carriers, then validated by recipient carriers as the phone call travels to the target recipient. Using STIR/SHAKEN, we can authenticate each phone call’s origin for each carrier involved in delivering your message. This ensures that your messages make it through more of the increasingly dense layers of SPAM filters implemented by carriers and by individual phone users.

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