Alternate Language Simulcasting

Alternate Language Simulcasts

Giving your audience a language preference option expands your outreach to an under-served community. Our Spanish Simulcast is our most common alternate language add-on, but we also offer Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin and a host of other language options.

Many of our Spanish broadcasts reach households that have never been contacted by elected leaders or municipal/transit/school district representatives.  That is even more true for other language options that connect our clients to a diversity of American communities.

Alternate Language Simulcasts give inbound participants a language preference option as they join. Those that select a Spanish broadcast, for instance, are redirected to a live translation of your teletownhall in Spanish. That Simulcast is complete with bilingual Screeners and Data Collectors.

These simultaneous broadcasts allow Spanish-speaking participants to listen in, submit questions to bilingual operators, and vote in polls. Spanish Simulcasts do not require client staff to speak or write in Spanish or any other alternate language.

Each Alternate Language Simulcast features two interpreters, helping us to recreate the same dialogue that listeners hear in the English-language forum.

TTHM provides an additional reporting package for each Alternate Language Simulcast that includes all of the same participant data you receive for the main forum, including a full recording of the Spanish-language broadcast.  In order to add more than two Alternate Language options for a given tele-townhall, you will likely need data that is complete with language preference for each targeted participant.

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