About TTHM

The TTHM story begins in a little office across the street from the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver. At that time, our core staff worked almost exclusively in political communications for sitting legislators and active campaigns.

By 2009, Telephone Town Halls had become our most successful outreach tool. The technology was designed for Members of Congress to reach constituents in their home states while continuing their work in DC. We saw the potential in these large-scale virtual forums, and in 2010 our crew ditched the downtown office and moved into home offices.

Our small staff brought Telephone Town Hall Meetings (or tele-townhalls or tele-forums or teletown halls or TTHMs) to a broad range of new client types. Municipalities, Transit Authorities, Labor Unions, Advocacy Organizations, School Districts, Pension Funds, Emergency Managers, Government Agencies and more have used this technology to reach a large target audience in an interactive format.

The big move allowed us to reduce the cost of overhead and grow. We hired a team of dedicated stay-at-home parents to help produce our virtual events. Then we focused on accumulating a Toolbox of mass-communications technologies to make sure that our company stays on the cutting edge.

Now our staff resides nationwide, all working from home to create customized outreach based on client goals. We get the company together for hockey games in the winter and baseball in the summer, but in general TTHM embraces the sustainability of the home office and how close it keeps us to our families.

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