Uniquely Interactive

TTHM offers a suite of full-service mass-outreach tools to enhance your messaging.

The TTHM Tech Toolbox

Our team customizes outreach to meet the goals of clients. TTHM offers tools like Peer-to-Peer SMS/MMS texting and Voice Broadcasts as stand-alone services, but clients often leverage several technologies in tandem.

Our flagship Teletownhall forums can be enhanced with P2P Text Alert promotion, a complimentary Web Registration page, in-event Data Collection or PatchThroughs to a targeted office or call center. Adding a Webcast or Spanish Simulcast extends the reach of your messaging even further.

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Some of the Clients We Serve

TTHM builds bridges between our clients and their target audience.

We have spent a decade perfecting Teletownhall tech and bringing it to a diversity of markets. That included adding a free Web Registration page to generate opt-ins from mobile users, plus simulcasting to reach new audiences. Our greatest asset – the TTHM Super Staff – continues to provide professional Moderation, Question Screening and Data Collection services for every event.

In recent years, Text Alerts and Digital Ads have given us additional targeted outreach options. TTHM continues to find dynamic new ways to bring digital messaging into focus for your audience.

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